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供应 海韵牌 BT-4011型 缓凝减水剂

供应 海韵牌 BT-4011型 缓凝减水剂

  • 发布日期:2016-02-23
  • 有效期至:长期有效
  • 浏览次数706
  • 所在地:湖南 长沙市

海韵牌BT-4011型缓凝减水剂Chaton brand BT - 4011 type retarders as well as reducing agent执行标准:GB/8076-2003Execution standard: GB / 8076-2003  海韵牌BT-4011型缓凝减水剂是由合理的缓凝、减水组份复合而制成:在夏季高温条件下能延缓混凝土的凝结时间,使混凝土在较长时间内保持其可塑性,在大体积混凝土的连续浇筑中,以利于浇筑成型,同时降低水化热,延缓水化放热高峰,减少温度裂缝的产生,是夏季施工必不可缺的外加剂品种。  Chaton brand BT - 4011 type retarders as well as reducing agent is a reasonable inhibition coagulation, decrease water components of the composite made in the summer high temperature condition, can defer concrete setting time, make concrete in a long period, maintain its plasticity, in the mass concrete continuous casting, favors the casting molding, at the same time, reduce the hydration heat, delay the hydration exothermic peak, reduce the temperature cracks emerge, is the summer construction indispensable admixtures varieties.一、匀质性指标A qualitative indexes, leveling1、外观:粉剂灰黄色粉末,液体棕色液体。1, appearance: powder tawny powder, liquid brown liquid.2、净浆流动度≥160mm。2, net slurry fluidity≥160mm.3、细度:0.315mm筛余≤12%。3, fineness: more than 0.315mm sieve acuities ≤12%.4、液体密度(g/ml):1.18±0.02。4, liquid density (g/ml) : 1.18±0.02.5、消泡时间:≤30秒。5, defoaming time: ≤30 seconds.6、pH值:7~9。6, pH value: 7~9.二、混凝土物理学性能Second, concrete physics performance
三、主要技术性能Three, the main technical performances1、掺量为总胶量的0.75~1.5%,减水率为10~18%。1, the total quantity of cement admixture for the 0.75~1.5%, decrease water rate for 10~18%.2、该产品具有一定的引气性能,具有较好的缓凝性能,在掺入1.5%的情况下,缓凝1~3h,也可根据用户的要求随时调整凝结时间。2, the product has a certain air-entraining performance, and has good performance in retarders as well as spirituals 1.5% circumstances, retarders as well as 1~3h, can also according to the requirements of customers, adjust the setting time.3、含气量略有增加,有利于提高抗渗、抗冻性能。3, containing volume increased slightly, improve the anti-permeability and frost resistance.4、可根据对掺量的调整来满足缓凝时间要求,极限掺量不超过2.0%。超掺将影响到混凝土早期强度的增长,甚至会出现长时期不凝固的现象。4, can according to the dosage adjustments to satisfy retarders as well as time requirements, limit the admixture of no more than 2.0%. Super mixed will affect the growth of early concrete strength, can appear even long period solidify phenomenon.5、适用于各种硅酸盐水泥配制的各种建筑混凝土、大体积混凝土、公路混凝土、海港混凝土及水利、电力等混凝土工程。5, applicable to all kinds of Portland cement by various architectural concrete, mass concrete, highway concrete, harbor concrete and water conservancy, electric power, etc concrete works.四、应用技术要点Four, applied technology points1、直接与水泥同时掺入混凝土拌合机|合灰机|混凝土搅拌机并适当延长时间。1, direct and cement mixer and lengthen appropriately at the same time mixing time.2、液体可折算成固体掺加,可明显改善混凝土的和易性、泌水性,提高混凝土强度,改善混凝土抗折、抗渗、抗冻等多项物理力学性能。2, liquid can be converted into solid adding, could evidently improve concrete workability, lactation, improve water concrete strength, improve the concrete flexural, anti-permeability and anti-freeze etc many physical and mechanical performance.3、本品对水泥的适应性较广,但对硬石膏或工业废料作调凝剂的水泥应做适应性试验,合格后方可使用。3, the product of cement adaptability wider, but for anhydrite or industrial waste as attune flocculences cement should do adaptability tests, qualified rear can use.4、本品应严格按要求掺加,防止漏掺或重复掺加。4, this product should be strictly according to the requirements by adding, prevent leakage mixed or repeated by adding.5、适用于5~40℃温度条件下的混凝土施工。5,applicable for 5~40 ℃ temperature conditions of concrete construction.五、包装与贮存Five, packaging and storage1、本品为内塑料外编织袋双层包装,每袋25kg,液体用250kg铁桶包装或协议包装。1, this article for internal plastic outside sacks double packing, each bag, liquid with 250kg orwellianism 25kg packaging or agreement packaging.2、应贮存于阴凉、干燥的库房内。2, should be stored in a cool, dry inside storeroom.3、本品保质期为二年,超期经混凝土试验合格后仍可使用。3, this product is two years, extended warranty by concrete test after passing can still use.  BT-4011型缓凝减水剂能显著延缓水泥混凝土的凝结时间,它能降低早期水泥水化热,减少拌合用水,提高强度,节约水泥,综合改善硬化混凝土力学及物理性能,对钢筋无腐蚀作用。  BT - 4011 type retarders as well as reducing agent can significantly delayed cement concrete of setting time, it can reduce early cement hydration heat and reduce regarding mix-proportion, saving water, increase strength of cement, comprehensive improve sclerosis concrete mechanics and physical properties of reinforced without corroddent function.适用范围:Applicable scope:  BT-4011型缓凝减水剂适用于大体积混凝土,夏季滑模施工及要求延缓混凝土凝结时间的混凝土工程和钢筋混凝土工程也适用于夏季炎热气候下现浇及予制混凝土,钢筋混凝土构件,大体积混凝土施工时不留施工缝。  BT - 4011 type retarders as well as jianshuiji suitable for mass concrete, summer sliding mode construction and to delay the concrete setting time concrete engineering and reinforced concrete engineering is also applicable to the hot summer climate cast-in-situ concrete, and to the system of reinforced concrete structures, and the construction of mass concrete construction joints when leaving.使用方法:Method of use:  BT-4011型缓凝减水剂是一种灰黄色粉状砼外加剂。在砼中的掺量为 0.5~ 1.5% ,视工程需要而定。可直接随水泥投入混凝土拌合机|合灰机|混凝土搅拌机中。本品应存放于干燥处,若产品受潮结块,必须经碎细后使用,有效存放期二年。  BT - 4011 type retarders as well as reducing agent is a gray concrete admixtures powder. In the concrete admixture is 0.5~ 1.5%, depending on the needs of engineering and decide. With the cement can be directly into a blender. This product should be stored in a dry place, if the product damp agglomerate, must be approved by the broken fine after use, effective storage period of two years.性能指标:Performance index:
减水率(%)≥ 8
泌水率比(%)≤ 95
含气量(%)≤ 3.0
凝结时间差(min)初凝+6 0~+210
终凝≤ +210
抗压强度比(%)3d≥ 110
7d≥ 110
28d≥ 110
90d≥ 100
收缩率比(%)90d≤ 110
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